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Our Lady of Guadalupe

In the process of my discernment during this quiet February night, a few revelations have unfolded to me…

It shakes me to think about these things, and to this minute, I don’t know what to make of it yet.

I have been noticing images of The Holy Mother almost everywhere I go – at the church, in adoration, and even when I read the Bible; almost always, I open to the page where the image of The Lady of Guadalupe’s lies. This fact is already strange to me, as this image is placed in a seemingly unrelated part of the Bible. I found this image in the Gospel of Matthew, where in this page, he doesn’t even mention Mother Mary…


Repeatedly, The Holy Mother’s image would come into my mind, most especially the image above: The Lady of Guadalupe. 

I didn’t think much of this before, yet I knew, perhaps Mama Mary wanted to tell me something? 

Months had passed since my resolution to grow deeper in my faith with the Lord, but tonight, something really urged me to find out more about why I always had Mama Mary in my mind.

Not too long ago, I was discerning for a certain decision for a new role I was asked to do at church. I opened the bible, and I read the story of Tobit and Sara. Tobit became blind, and Sara was condemned to death after her multiple husbands died before one of them had a chance to consummate their marriage. Tobit and Sara both pleaded for God’s help, deep in their misery and suffering… They lifted everything to the Lord and the Lord answered their prayers.

Strangely enough, these were the excerpts from the Bible that really stood out to me. I read these chapters some days ago.

January 31, 2017.

Alleluia! I am pleased that the Lord has heard my voice in supplication, that he has not been deaf to me, the day I called on him.

Gracious and righteous is the Lord, full of compassion is our God. The Lord protects the simple: He saved me when I was humbled. … He has freed my soul from death, my eyes from weeping, my feet from stumbling.

Psalm 116: 1-2, 5-6, 8

February 11, 2017.

Do not forsake me in the day of my affliction, when I am helpless against arrogant enemies: I will praise your name continually and sing to you my thanksgiving.

And my prayer was heard, you saved me from destruction and delivered me from an evil plight.

Sirach 51: 10-11

All of these verses give me great comfort and assurance that things are really going to be okay: because God willed it to be so. These times right now are definitely one of my most difficult times of my life that I feel no one will be able to understand… yet, here it is, these comforting words from God presented themselves to me in such an amazing manner – days apart, but looking back at it now, I clearly see what He is really trying to say to me.

Today is February 13, 2017.

February 11 and February 13 are the days the Lady of Lourdes made an apparition in Lourdes, France in 1858. The Lady of Lourdes and The Lady of Guadalupe are essentially the same person: and she is none other than The Holy Mother Mary.

This curiosity spurred an interest within me to know more about the Lady of Guadalupe, so I embarked on a journey literally hours ago to read more about Her beautiful story.

Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to a humble peasant and farmer, Juan Diego in the 1530s and instructed the old man to tell the bishop to build a temple where she had appeared in Tepeyac Hill, Mexico. Juan Diego obliged, and the rest is historyTo this day, the Tepeyac Hill chapels and basilicas that were built to honour the Lady of Guadalupe stand strong, almost as a testimony to the world of the countless miracles this place had been a witness to.

It is said that the Lady wanted to build the exact temple that stands today as a way for Her to look over Mexico and hear the prayers and petitions of the people. It is also said that her apparition was a response to a pagan Aztec Princess’ cry for help years before, in the 1510s, to save her people from suffering and turmoil.

The story is quite touching to me as it relates to me on a very personal level. These hardships that I’m going through right now will pass.

Today is the day I also realized that the Lord isn’t the only person I can pray to – I can build a personal relationship with the Holy Mother as well. In the same way she listened to the cry of the Aztec princess thousands of years ago, and to this day where She continues to listen to Her people…

As her famous words go… She whispered to Juan Diego that night when he was filled with doubt and uncertainty, and the moment he failed to do in the right time what the Mother has asked him to do…


April, is Mary not your Mother? Are you not under her protection?

Fear not, young one…

Courage, my daughter! Your faith has made you well.

-Matthew 9:22

Daily Thoughts

You Are Loved

An excerpt from my daily journal and a constant reminder of words I’m always afraid to hear.

Dec 14, 2016. 

It only takes a second to make a whole hearted decision to change… If the world can feel it… Then in turn, it will give you some answers.

Dec 15, 2016. 

A little note is scribbled on the top and it says: Life Changing, with two stars drawn beside it. 

Goal planning session today at TM… I bawled my eyes out as Paul really hit home, as he looked at me in the eye and said, You are perfect. 

I don’t know why that was so hard to believe, but maybe deep down inside…

I didn’t want to believe him. I didn’t want to believe myself. All this time, I’ve looked so lowly on myself and denied myself of what I really want the most.

I want to be loved.
I want to be cherished.
I want to be treasured.

I have to let this feeling go… Let it run free and accept it. Just make a real decision…
I really, really want to change my life. 

Even Paul said I could do it… and I felt his certainty and belief in me. It’s been so long that someone has ever looked me in the eye and said that. Today will truly change my life.

Dec 16, 2016.

Remember April,

You are loved. 

You are cherished. 

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Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

– Howie Day

There has been much thought, discernment, prayer and perhaps a little chaos that has been on my mind for the last couple of days.

It all started last Thursday and Friday, when a rather surprising confession revealed itself to me, shaking me off the steady ground I’ve always been on for the past few years.

I’ve always known that I am a goal-oriented person: I get things done, I am self-motivated, and for the most part… I am still very much eager to pursue my dreams in life.

My journey started four years ago when I made the decision to take the leap of faith to drop everything, and pursue my passions and my dreams.

I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am today, yet still – I still feel incomplete. I still feel that I am not enough.

A good friend of mine had given me a wake-up call last Thursday, December 15, 2016: making me realize all the things I was too scared to admit to myself:

I always tried so hard to be everyone to the people I care about. I cared so much about them that I forgot about myself. Despite all the things that I’ve been through… and all the awesome things I have accomplished all these years, I still feel I am not enough… I still feel that I am not there yet. I am not worthy to give myself the success and the love that I have always longed for… 

The only thing really stopping myself was me.

I didn’t believe in me.

I didn’t think I was worthy.

That was a feeling I would never forget. All my pent up emotions suddenly came out like water that was overfilled in a jar. I didn’t know why it hit me so much… I was expecting harsh words and disciplinary actions from my good friend – after all, that was his character to others.

It felt so strange to me that he showed me with such kindness, that it even made me question whether he was just saying that to make me feel better.

But I quickly realized that perhaps I didn’t need harsh words anymore. I didn’t need any more pep talks about discipline, motivation, or a change of perception.

I already beat up myself at a daily basis… he probably sensed that I didn’t need anymore than I already do to myself.

It felt so good crying that day – just letting all my anxieties and worries out. It felt so good to accept that I was still broken, still a little scarred from all that’s ever happened, but that’s okay.

It’s okay.

It’s not too late to stand up again and make myself a better person.

It was during that day that I really made a strong decision to myself that I would not bring myself down like that anymore. I would not be haphazardly going through life like I did 4 years ago, thinking I can do it all myself.

The truth is, I can’t – and now I’m okay with that fact.

That’s what people are for – to help and support me in my journey.

It was during that day I really decided to change my life for the better.
No more aiming too low, no more disbelief – only pure trust, faith, belief, love and the certainty that I am able to do what I need to do.

I can do it. I can… and I will, and I am.

But you see? It’s absolutely funny how life works… in the midst of all the realizations and the truths I came to accept on that very day… as the next day unfolded, it was almost an instant answer from the universe and God himself…

It was almost as if they were just hiding the answers until I was ready.

It’s definitely, absolutely funny how life is.


Just when I finally was open to meeting somebody, but wasn’t really looking for anyone…

You came into the picture.

At this point, I tell myself, why not? There’s nothing to lose.

I still get this uneasy feeling around me – but perhaps that’s just my thoughts and my past haunting me. I guess I’m still scared to let myself go and be in the open again: to be vulnerable and to offer myself – even just with friendship.


I definitely feel Howie with his song…

The more I try to deny it, the more I try to hide it…

Out of the doubt that fills my mind,
I somehow find you and I…


Daily Thoughts


Here I am typing away, weirdly all alone in the office as most people probably stayed home because of the supposed “snow” storm.I guess it didn’t really affect my area so much – which is a great thing, because I can still drive with ease today.

On my snowy drive to work today, I caught myself getting so sleepy from listening to the same music over and over again from the radio… I tried switching and listening to my music, which really did nothing – until it hit E.T. – My favourite rapper/speaker: Eric Thomas.

His voice and his enthusiasm instantly woke me up, and his words rang through my head as I continued to step on my pedal.

You have to tap into your why in a way that you’ve never tapped into before.
Most of you are so busy thinking about your goals and dreams that you forget to ask why… why… why? Why do we do what we do? Why do we wake up in the morning and do what you do?

Your focus must change. Whatever you read, whatever you do, whatever you spend your time on… Whatever you focus on everyday will grow…. 

Time to shift my focus on more bigger things rather than small things like silly social media, random videos and random things…

To more productivity!

Daily Thoughts

Late Night Musings


20150305_143418Do you ever get those urgent feelings of doing something seemingly so important that you drop whatever you were supposed to be doing to do that certain task?

Tonight, I was supposed to finish my vision board but an itching feeling inside of me kept resurfacing. So? I did it.

I was quite moved last Thursday from a stranger who said to keep things in your life (and respectively – in your living quarters) that are of value to you. There is an unexplained sense of magic and satisfaction of de-cluttering your life, he said, and it signifies how you live and view your life.

The more you carry, the heavier things get, and the more you do that, the more we can never move on and have peace with ourselves.

We can never move on and have the happiness we deserve in our lives.

And you know what? I am so tired of being a loser and being so mediocre at life. I didn’t make all these sacrifices all these years just to become like everyone else.

I was born in this world to do something special – so it’s time to live my destiny.

What better way to do this than to start with a clean slate? It’s time to let go of the things that I held on from the past.

Let it go.

Let it go.

Let it go.

Daily Thoughts

Take A Pause


Feelings of discouragement sometimes settle in but the little reminders of everyday’s blessings and magic never fail to put a smile on my face.

What would I do without the gift of friendship? The gift of interaction? The gift of being blessed through blessing others? The gift of service, the gift of having purpose, the gift of life’s journey?

Remember, it’s okay to pause in your journey so as long as you never stop. Keep your final destination in mind and fear not the obstacles that may litter your path.

Daily Thoughts

Walt Disney: Vision

Most powerful thought of the day from Marcus:

Walt Disney was once enlisted in the army back in the day, but soon enough, he was regarded as a failure there because he spent all day drawing cartoons.

Walt then decided to pursue his dreams and work as a cartoonist for a publishing company. Things eventually turned sour as he lost his rights to some of his creations….

Trying again one more time…. he created his own company, but a deal once more turned its back on him, leaving the happiest man on earth dead broke.

Yet Walt never gave up.
He had vision. He had a mission to pursue. He had to find the happiest place on earth and plant his flag there.

And somewhere in between then and now, Walt never gave up and Walt had a burning vision to make his dreams come true.

Today, as it stands, Walt Disney proves to be one of the most successful and widespread enterprises in the world.

The real question is,
Is Walt the only one?

Is Walt really the only one who has a vision?

Perhaps all of us do have visions.
It depends whether or not we act on it.