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Eight Step: Dreams Slowly Become Reality

It’s crazy to recall last weekend’s successes and accomplishments.

It’s always been my dream to speak for a WFG/WSB event. Lo and behold, last Sunday at the Victoria Conference Centre, I stood at the spotlight… took a deep breath, and welcomed the 250+ people audience.

It almost felt surreal to be able to reach out to the crowd and share my story – the story that I’ve really been dying to share ever since I first started in my career.

I know this is only the beginning of many great things, but as I sit back in the silence and reflect on everything in retrospect, it’s even crazier to see how every event unfolded just to lead me to this small, tiny accomplishment.

The confrontation led me to a realization that I needed to change. It supplied me with the right resources to be connected and moved to a new office and a new leadership.

Then, my new mentors and coaches have nurtured me ever since, and have pushed me every day to become better than ever. I am so truly blessed to have awesome people truly believe in my abilities and in turn, they have pushed me to where I was last Sunday, standing in front of everyone, doing the exact things I used to dream of 4 years ago.

What the mind can achieve, it can truly achieve.

It’s amazing what dreaming and setting goals can do.

It’s amazing to see my dreams slowly coming true.

Never in my life have I had so much hope and so much faith that a better life for me and my family is coming.

Last Sunday’s event just made me want to perform and to do better in my career. It made me want to dream bigger and set higher goals. I don’t want to play it small anymore and dream of the things that are within my means and reach.

I mean, it’s absolutely free to dream and set goals. It’s worth millions to do so – because what if the dreams that I dream about now come true in the next 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?

I might as well dream big. Live big… and be BIG!



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Waking Up

It’s been a few weeks since my last post.
What has happened since then? Much has happened, but perhaps nothing too major.

Just back to the grind called life.

It’s hard, it’s fun, it’s challenging and definitely worth living. 

It’s one of those difficult times I’m facing in my career, but somehow, with the grace of God, I have peace in my heart. My most powerful sorrow and suffering will become my most powerful prayer… and through that, no matter what happens in my life, I will trust in the greater plan He has for me and believe with utmost faith and certainty. 

As for other aspects of my life… I’m really taking a step back and I’m starting to really enjoy what I usually can’t do very often: building and creating friendships, strengthening old ones and just having fun. A part of me is still an introvert through it all, and I’ve come to realize that a balance between career and personal life must be met.

Not too much of both, not too little for each. 

As per Izarra’s twin…. my personal written journal has had many entries about him.

I still admire his determination and drive… but its best for now if I put a distance. Why put so much effort into someone that doesn’t even know my worth?
Over all, life is picking up and being playful with me, pushing me into circumstances both good and bad…

But what the hell?

Let it go, let it flow. Do not worry about anything, but pray about everything. 

Time to wake up from your slumber dear April. Time to get back…

And get down and dirty. Bring it on, life.

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Seventh Step: Level Ground

There comes a time in my life where I realize….
All the giants and champions I’ve ever met are all the same.

Theres nothing special about them:
Everyone is human.

No matter who they are, what they are, what they’ve been through and what their future holds, we are all the same.

We laugh, we cry, we hope and we dream. We feel sadness, sorrow and pain. We persevere, believe and love.
We give, we trust.. and we all get hurt.

The difference between them and us?

Their commitment, perseverance, discipline and belief to achieve whatever is necessary.

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Raining blessings with a chance of AWESOMENESS

Words cannot fully express the feelings that I am experiencing at this moment.

Happiness. Excitement. Thrill. Hope. Faith. Trust.

I’ve been struggling for quite some time in my career to grow and build a bigger organization – everytime, there’d always be something like people problems, place problems, family problems and all other imaginable problems that exist in the world.

But you see, they’ll never go away. It’s how we handle these challenges that make us better and stronger.

Today, I am so thankful for the AWESOME momentum I’m gaining back again in the business. From the very positive feedback of the blue books to a business block acquisition of clients… I think I can really say life is HELLA good!

I know this is only the beginning and greater things have yet to come from this little one.

With God’s grace, I pray for constant guidance and discernement for the right things to do.

Yay. Yay indeed for awesome times.
Work double hard to keep the momentum up and running!

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Little ThingsĀ 

Signs of changing habits: showering at night to mark a physical change in mental habits.

Mental habit change: entrepreneurial mindset, trainee mindset, trainer mindset, instructor mindset… Builder mindset. 

Mechanics change: Organization, scheduling, time management and prioritization.

Other signs of changing habits: doing the little things cconsistently, everyday without fail.

As little as these may seem, over the long term, these little things add up. Little things, when done repeatedly become big things. 

And with big things come big results. But apart from that, never fail to strive for significance and excellence.

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A Champion’s Journey

Wow. I’ve been away from my site for a couple of days now. It feels weird not writing, but I’ve been religious at keeping an actual paper journal still so I can visually see what I felt and what I learned during a particular day.

I guess today’s post will be catch up!

June 30 – July 3, 2016: Road Trip 

It was a family road trip to Alberta. On the first night, we had a stop over at this sort of creepy Wilderness Resort in Lac Le Jeune. Don’t get me wrong; the view was wonderful, but at night, my imagination starts to run with all the possibilities of what could be lurking around in the forest and in the lake right in front of us.

At night, I did hear a wolf howl (yes, a damn wolf, not a friendly dog) but I was quick to ignore it and went back to my slumber. Needless to say I wasn’t able to sleep that well that night, and I kept fidgeting around until it was morning.

It was cold despite the days being summer… but I should’ve figured… We were in the mountains, deep in the forest, beside the lake….

Anyhow. Check out this view though! 

 The next few days, we traversed the long road and we went around Lake Louise and Lake Moraine. Lake Moraine was my favourite by far. There’s many trails you can do around the area and the hiker in me definitely rejoiced at the fact of a good workout and stellar views.

Lake Louise: it was a little cloudy. Cloudy with a chance of sunshine!

Damn these mountains. So beautiful. 

Lake Moraine: God bless you nature. 

The next morning, we visited Drumheller and the Royal Tyrell Museum.

 My childhood dreams of seeing dinosaurs came true. In my paper journal, I wrote down a lot of notes pertaining to the museum and the information I came across while I was there.

It was so fascinating to see just a tiny glimpse of what the past looked like, and the possibilities of what our ancestors had gone through in the several, different eras of human civilization.

The rest of the days were just going around and driving back home.

To be honest, that trip was probably comprised of 80 – 90% driving.
And of course. 

The Canadian Rockies. I haven’t uploaded my actual camera ones…. but here’s a sneak peek!

^ candid photo of me laughing. Probably the best. Haha.

July 4 – Present Day, 2016: Work, work, work, work, work, work 

Double time and double work as I missed the momentum in my business.

Looking back at it now, perhaps time with the family and time for myself was exactly what I needed to recharge and to perform better in the next few days.

A lot has happened, career and business wise, but the bottom line is: I have renewed hope and vigour for a brighter future.

I’ve already been in the Financial Services Industry for almost four years now. The first three years were mostly my learning curve, struggles, hardships and the development of my skills as a person, advisor, trainer and a speaker.

However, I don’t regret anything that I’ve been through. I learned a lot over the years and I was just telling my best friend yesterday: things definitely happen for a reason.

If I did not go through whatever I went through in the past three years, I would not be able to carry the load and the burden that I have in my life right now.

I am stronger now.

To cut a very long story short, once again, I’ve made a very hard decision to stop my association with certain people that have never helped me in my business, and start a new relationship with the people that care and will look after me.

I am thankful for the leadership that were able to appreciate my talent and capabilities.

I am thankful for giving me a chance to prove my worth and to prove to the whole world that I am made of some special stuff.

It’s been a very long time that I’ve felt this kind of certainty that I can finally…  finally change my life.

I think I’ve found my home.

Welcome home, April.

This is my home… My home for champions.


Career Life


An overwhelming feeling of excitement surges over me as I think about the days to come.

I just finished reading my yearly goals and I find it absolutely funny to see things actually falling into place.

My heart jumps with happiness and fulfillment to see these little victories happening in my life.

What use would it it be if I sulked around because it isn’t my big day yet? Wouldn’t it be extremely silly not to celebrate significant milestones, however small they may seem to others?


(Awards for being a Riser – helping train 3 members in one month, and Top 15 Senior Marketing Directors in A. International division in WSB/WFG.)

These medals I got from the WFG Momentum 2016 convention means more to me than anything I’ve received in my entire life. I know it’s a tiny, tiny thing…. at least a few hundred more people got the same award but I feel proud. I’ve worked for it. And as I crossed the stage that day, I couldn’t help but visualize the day I finally get to stay and speak….. to my world wide audience, in a world class stage.

I’m willing to wait for that moment.
I won’t rush things anymore: I’ve learned my lesson.

Although it might come from good intentions, forcing a butterfly to come out of its cocoon prematurely will permanently destroy that butterfly’s life forever. It won’t know how to fly, it won’t know the proper sensations to open its wings and soar in the air…. it will be crippled.

Pain and change are necessary. But they have to come from within. Change has to come from inside out for new life to be born.

And don’t worry if you feel incompetent from time to time: I’m exactly like that too. Sometimes I listen to the voice in my head telling me I’m not enough…

But time and time again, I am reminded to trust in my journey and to all of the things God has planned for me.

He has his perfect timing all laid out in place.



So keep holding on.
You’ll get there. We’ll get there.