Short Story Excerpts

Short Story E.: Fragments

The waves quietly rolled towards the white specked sand, tickling his feet with its cold touch. They pulled back again, revealing sea shells that decorated the otherwise blank shore.

Zian breathed in the fresh, salty air that surrounded him and the sun rays that slightly kissed his face that was almost telling him…

Welcome home. 

He took a step forward, moving closer to the sea that overlooked the seemingly endless blue horizon that stretched out in front of him.

He stretched out his hand, as if reaching for something that he couldn’t quite put a finger on… He reached for the sun that was just peeking from the sky, and closed his hands around it, as if to catch it.

Zian couldn’t explain it. He couldn’t understand it, but it seemed as if his heart was telling him something that his mind had forgotten.

It had already been a year, yet he couldn’t remember… why he always ended up at this same place, at this same time… reaching out for the sun or the moon… waiting for something to come?


He could only pick up the fragmented memories scattered in his head and tried to make sense of it.

Zian, will you wait for me?

“Why am I waiting for you?”

I will come back for you… and that’s my promise.

Her words rang like a bell in his head, and his heart twisted and turned as he ached to remember the last memories of a person he knew but he didn’t know. He longed of a place and a time he wished to go back to, to try and make sense of the missing pieces of his puzzled thoughts.

I love you, Zian. I always will. 

A light tap on his shoulder interrupted his train of thoughts, as the waves started to roll back in quietly again, the cold water touching his bare feet.

The sun shined brightly beyond him, covering everything he could see in front of him.

He placed his hand on his forehead and took a good look at the other living soul that found him in this lonely beach.

The voice whispered.



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