Daily Thoughts


Here I am typing away, weirdly all alone in the office as most people probably stayed home because of the supposed “snow” storm.I guess it didn’t really affect my area so much – which is a great thing, because I can still drive with ease today.

On my snowy drive to work today, I caught myself getting so sleepy from listening to the same music over and over again from the radio… I tried switching and listening to my music, which really did nothing – until it hit E.T. – My favourite rapper/speaker: Eric Thomas.

His voice and his enthusiasm instantly woke me up, and his words rang through my head as I continued to step on my pedal.

You have to tap into your why in a way that you’ve never tapped into before.
Most of you are so busy thinking about your goals and dreams that you forget to ask why… why… why? Why do we do what we do? Why do we wake up in the morning and do what you do?

Your focus must change. Whatever you read, whatever you do, whatever you spend your time on… Whatever you focus on everyday will grow…. 

Time to shift my focus on more bigger things rather than small things like silly social media, random videos and random things…

To more productivity!


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