Daily Thoughts

Late Night Musings


20150305_143418Do you ever get those urgent feelings of doing something seemingly so important that you drop whatever you were supposed to be doing to do that certain task?

Tonight, I was supposed to finish my vision board but an itching feeling inside of me kept resurfacing. So? I did it.

I was quite moved last Thursday from a stranger who said to keep things in your life (and respectively – in your living quarters) that are of value to you. There is an unexplained sense of magic and satisfaction of de-cluttering your life, he said, and it signifies how you live and view your life.

The more you carry, the heavier things get, and the more you do that, the more we can never move on and have peace with ourselves.

We can never move on and have the happiness we deserve in our lives.

And you know what? I am so tired of being a loser and being so mediocre at life. I didn’t make all these sacrifices all these years just to become like everyone else.

I was born in this world to do something special – so it’s time to live my destiny.

What better way to do this than to start with a clean slate? It’s time to let go of the things that I held on from the past.

Let it go.

Let it go.

Let it go.


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