Daily Thoughts

Walt Disney: Vision

Most powerful thought of the day from Marcus:

Walt Disney was once enlisted in the army back in the day, but soon enough, he was regarded as a failure there because he spent all day drawing cartoons.

Walt then decided to pursue his dreams and work as a cartoonist for a publishing company. Things eventually turned sour as he lost his rights to some of his creations….

Trying again one more time…. he created his own company, but a deal once more turned its back on him, leaving the happiest man on earth dead broke.

Yet Walt never gave up.
He had vision. He had a mission to pursue. He had to find the happiest place on earth and plant his flag there.

And somewhere in between then and now, Walt never gave up and Walt had a burning vision to make his dreams come true.

Today, as it stands, Walt Disney proves to be one of the most successful and widespread enterprises in the world.

The real question is,
Is Walt the only one?

Is Walt really the only one who has a vision?

Perhaps all of us do have visions.
It depends whether or not we act on it.


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