Daily Thoughts

Awake, yet again

Awake yet again from the long hiatus from my digital space!

Admittedly because of life and non stop travels to places known and unknown, I’ve been relying heavily on my written daily journal to record my thoughts there instead of here.

There’s absolutely nothing like free writing with pen and paper.

It feels so freeing.

Major lessons learned these past few days, weeks and months:

  • Everything has their own timing. Forcing things that aren’t supposed to happen will only hurt you in the end.
  • It’s normal to fall down, but never stay down forever. It’s never too late to do anything, or to start over again.
  • No matter what circumstance I am in, the only comfort I know is God is here to teach me valuable lessons. I know that he is also planning my life in a beautiful and majestic way.
  • Focus: what you think about eventually grows and manifests itself.
  • Momentum: the hardest part isn’t to start, but to keep going and going. Life just doesn’t stop, it’s an ongoing journey.
  • Be at peace.

Last but not least…


Travelling is hella fun.

Japan, you are forever my favourite country.

To more adventures in the future!


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