Short Story Excerpts

Short Story E.: Shooting Star

“There, look!” Marie pointed out the dancing little speck in the dark sky, slowly moving around the horizon. It was cold and chilly that night, but neither Marie or her friends seemed to care. They sneaked into the beach beside the city airport to secure the best spot to watch the most magical night of their lives.
Five expectant souls stood still at this moment, witnessing the beauty of the stars that were spread out like grains in the sand on the night sky. Marie, Trina, Catherine, Ben and Anthony laid down side by side on the grass, silently wishing… silently praying on a….

“Shooting star.” They all sounded out in amazement, as they watched one star fall after the other.

“Whoah. This is awesome.” Ben laughed.

“You know, wouldn’t it be crazy to think that someone else a thousand miles away could be looking at the same sky as you, looking at the same star… wishing for the same thing, to see each other one day: somehow, someway?” Anthony mused as he pointed out at another dancing speck on the wide horizon that lay before him.

“Your souls would be connected at this very moment as you wish on the same star.”

“Yeah.” Marie smiled to herself, as she closed her eyes and made a wish among many of her wishes.

I pray to meet you one day…. Somehow, someway, I will wait for you. 

And there, not too far away, another expectant soul grinned to himself as he opened his eyes, silently sounding out his wishes to the skies above.

I pray to meet you one day…. Somehow, someway, I will find you.


Author/Blog Owner Note:

Hola friends! I was inspired by the meteor shower few nights ago and it spurred my creative side to write something.

It’s highly based off of real events, with some twists on it, but I guess it’s a new journal entry technique I’m willing to explore.

Using moments of inspiration, I shall write interesting excerpts that may or may not lead into a story.

For now, enjoy!


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