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Eight Step: Dreams Slowly Become Reality

It’s crazy to recall last weekend’s successes and accomplishments.

It’s always been my dream to speak for a WFG/WSB event. Lo and behold, last Sunday at the Victoria Conference Centre, I stood at the spotlight… took a deep breath, and welcomed the 250+ people audience.

It almost felt surreal to be able to reach out to the crowd and share my story – the story that I’ve really been dying to share ever since I first started in my career.

I know this is only the beginning of many great things, but as I sit back in the silence and reflect on everything in retrospect, it’s even crazier to see how every event unfolded just to lead me to this small, tiny accomplishment.

The confrontation led me to a realization that I needed to change. It supplied me with the right resources to be connected and moved to a new office and a new leadership.

Then, my new mentors and coaches have nurtured me ever since, and have pushed me every day to become better than ever. I am so truly blessed to have awesome people truly believe in my abilities and in turn, they have pushed me to where I was last Sunday, standing in front of everyone, doing the exact things I used to dream of 4 years ago.

What the mind can achieve, it can truly achieve.

It’s amazing what dreaming and setting goals can do.

It’s amazing to see my dreams slowly coming true.

Never in my life have I had so much hope and so much faith that a better life for me and my family is coming.

Last Sunday’s event just made me want to perform and to do better in my career. It made me want to dream bigger and set higher goals. I don’t want to play it small anymore and dream of the things that are within my means and reach.

I mean, it’s absolutely free to dream and set goals. It’s worth millions to do so – because what if the dreams that I dream about now come true in the next 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?

I might as well dream big. Live big… and be BIG!



Short Story Excerpts

Short Story E.: Shooting Star

“There, look!” Marie¬†pointed out the dancing little speck in the dark sky, slowly moving around the horizon. It was cold and chilly that night, but neither Marie or her friends seemed to care. They sneaked into the beach beside the city airport to secure the best spot to watch the most magical night of their lives.
Five expectant souls stood still at this moment, witnessing the beauty of the stars that were spread out like grains in the sand on the night sky. Marie, Trina, Catherine, Ben and Anthony laid down side by side on the grass, silently wishing… silently praying on a….

“Shooting star.” They all sounded out in amazement, as they watched one star fall after the other.

“Whoah. This is awesome.” Ben laughed.

“You know, wouldn’t it be crazy to think that someone else a thousand miles away could be looking at the same sky as you, looking at the same star… wishing for the same thing, to see each other one day: somehow, someway?” Anthony mused as he pointed out at another dancing speck on the wide horizon that lay before him.

“Your souls would be connected at this very moment as you wish on the same star.”

“Yeah.” Marie smiled to herself, as she closed her eyes and made a wish among many of her wishes.

I pray to meet you one day…. Somehow, someway, I will wait for you.¬†

And there, not too far away, another expectant soul grinned to himself as he opened his eyes, silently sounding out his wishes to the skies above.

I pray to meet you one day…. Somehow, someway, I will find you.


Author/Blog Owner Note:

Hola friends! I was inspired by the meteor shower few nights ago and it spurred my creative side to write something.

It’s highly based off of real events, with some twists on it, but I guess it’s a new journal entry technique I’m willing to explore.

Using moments of inspiration, I shall write interesting excerpts that may or may not lead into a story.

For now, enjoy!

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Waking Up

It’s been a few weeks since my last post.
What has happened since then? Much has happened, but perhaps nothing too major.

Just back to the grind called life.

It’s hard, it’s fun, it’s challenging and definitely worth living. 

It’s one of those difficult times I’m facing in my career, but somehow, with the grace of God, I have peace in my heart. My most powerful sorrow and suffering will become my most powerful prayer… and through that, no matter what happens in my life, I will trust in the greater plan He has for me and believe with utmost faith and certainty. 

As for other aspects of my life… I’m really taking a step back and I’m starting to really enjoy what I usually can’t do very often: building and creating friendships, strengthening old ones and just having fun. A part of me is still an introvert through it all, and I’ve come to realize that a balance between career and personal life must be met.

Not too much of both, not too little for each. 

As per Izarra’s twin…. my personal written journal has had many entries about him.

I still admire his determination and drive… but its best for now if I put a distance. Why put so much effort into someone that doesn’t even know my worth?
Over all, life is picking up and being playful with me, pushing me into circumstances both good and bad…

But what the hell?

Let it go, let it flow. Do not worry about anything, but pray about everything. 

Time to wake up from your slumber dear April. Time to get back…

And get down and dirty. Bring it on, life.