Career Life


An overwhelming feeling of excitement surges over me as I think about the days to come.

I just finished reading my yearly goals and I find it absolutely funny to see things actually falling into place.

My heart jumps with happiness and fulfillment to see these little victories happening in my life.

What use would it it be if I sulked around because it isn’t my big day yet? Wouldn’t it be extremely silly not to celebrate significant milestones, however small they may seem to others?


(Awards for being a Riser – helping train 3 members in one month, and Top 15 Senior Marketing Directors in A. International division in WSB/WFG.)

These medals I got from the WFG Momentum 2016 convention means more to me than anything I’ve received in my entire life. I know it’s a tiny, tiny thing…. at least a few hundred more people got the same award but I feel proud. I’ve worked for it. And as I crossed the stage that day, I couldn’t help but visualize the day I finally get to stay and speak….. to my world wide audience, in a world class stage.

I’m willing to wait for that moment.
I won’t rush things anymore: I’ve learned my lesson.

Although it might come from good intentions, forcing a butterfly to come out of its cocoon prematurely will permanently destroy that butterfly’s life forever. It won’t know how to fly, it won’t know the proper sensations to open its wings and soar in the air…. it will be crippled.

Pain and change are necessary. But they have to come from within. Change has to come from inside out for new life to be born.

And don’t worry if you feel incompetent from time to time: I’m exactly like that too. Sometimes I listen to the voice in my head telling me I’m not enough…

But time and time again, I am reminded to trust in my journey and to all of the things God has planned for me.

He has his perfect timing all laid out in place.



So keep holding on.
You’ll get there. We’ll get there.


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