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Driving Thoughts: Just A Little Bit


Just a little more, I told myself. Just a little bit more. My lesson from my previous post still stuck with me up to this day… and admittedly, it’s the only thing that’s pushed me on throughout this day.

What differentiates a winner from an average person is just the extra 2% in their endeavours.

What if that extra 10 seconds could change someone’s life? What if it could change yours?
What if that extra call you make when you think that everything is over was the one call that could turn things around?

Of all the million things that we could fear and be frightened about, why not fear the things that would happen if we did not do it? 

If I don’t do it, I may not be able to change my family’s life.
If I don’t make this extra call, my business will continue to stagnate as it did for the 4 years prior.

Whatever the case may be, just do it. And if you do do it, do just a little bit more. Push a little bit of a little bit more.

Because winners do things average people do, but just a little more. 



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