Career Life

Just A Little More

When everyone’s giving up, you do a little bit more: a little bit of a little bit more. … that’s what true winners do.
– Xuan Nguyen


Tuesday Webinar takeaways.

This man is one of the many people I respect. Xuan is one of the spearhead leaders in WFG (World Financial Group), and the head coach of his own enterprise – WSB (World System Builders). Day in and day out, he never ceases to inspire me. All he’s ever done is help other people grow. His heart is gold, and he is truly genuine.

Starting his enterprise at 1983 with almost nothing in his pocket, his organization now is a multi million dollar company.

Today, he inspired and encouraged so many of us. Why is it that we continue to do what we do? Continue to help more families?

And despite all the hurt, losses and betrayals we may have experienced or felt, should we still keep on doing what we’re doing?

Today really hit me. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past… many times I keep on thinking whether staying was really worth it. But something always held me back because I knew I was always meant for something great.

I want to become somebody… for myself, my family and to everyone else.

And the more I listen to Xuan, the more I am inspired every day that one day I can become like him too.

Never give up.
And just do a little bit more of a little bit more.


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