The One Chronicles

The One Chronicles: Superman and CC

Happy Saturday! Well, yesterday.

I will, from this point forward, title all my posts relating to my romantic life (or lack thereof) – The One Chronicles.  It will mostly be me ranting about some boys, and there may be a lot of them. My friends have been pushing me to make a digital copy of my interesting stories, so I thought, hey, why not?

It might be quite bold for me to even write this…. but who cares? It’s nice to get it off my head from time to time.

So please read at your own risk. It may end up hurting your eyes.

Nonetheless, enjoy the ride!


Account of my day, June 04, 2016:

It’s freakingly hot here in my humble abode. Admittedly, it’s much cooler to sleep in the living room so here I am, huddled in the corner, typing away while my brother plays his Bball game with much ardor and passion.

This Saturday was quite a change. Usually, I go out and attend the manager’s meeting early morning and help conduct training for my business partners and associates.

Today there was a wedding, so most of the leaders were not present.

For the first Saturday in my whole history of my career, I didn’t attend the meeting. It felt strange…and when I woke up yesterday, I felt like a normal person doing normal things.

A change of pace wasn’t so bad, but I’m afraid that might just be me settling down with the fact that I did absolutely nothing of essence and value. Not to mention, I totally became a ball and rolled around the living room at night, trying to conserve my energy so I would not sweat.

If you were interested who the boys were, here they are: 

Superman and CC

Enough of that, I actually had a pretty awesome day. It was Leighla’s first birthday and my family friends attended the event. As usual, Superman was his normal charming self – but I think he leveled up today, as he held my hand and made many advances. Being the person that I am, I played along with his antics, but I was rather shocked with myself when after all these years Superman has been trying to get my attention, I still feel nothing.

As my best friend told me – being a rock is an understatement.

FYI, Superman is a family friend who I’ve met ever since 2008 or 2009. A few years ago, he decided to play around with my phone and place his number and name himself Superman. Ever since that time, he has sent me messages with this alias – until one day I found out his identity.

It almost seems like every time I see him, he always says some sort of a pick up line. There’s way too many instances and events so I won’t list them down.

Needless to say, Superman has been a constant presence in my life yet I still feel nothing towards the man.

Well, what can I do?

He’s just not the one.

Then there’s CC. There’s little yet a lot I can tell about this man.
Let’s give the simpler story. When I was 14 0r 15… my friends and I decided to play a game of truth or dare. My dare was to kiss someone.

That someone was CC.

Ever since that event, I’ve always hesitated and had some sort of tension towards CC. I get nervous around him and I blank out. My usual chatty and happy self goes out the window when I see him and I turn on my service mode – talk to everyone else but him.

Yesterday, I saw him again.

I’ve just come to a conclusion (with the help of my best friend) that he is my Achilles Heel. I mean, I appreciate a lot of men for their beauty (and I really mean A LOT) but there’s no one quite like CC that makes me feel the way I do for him.

I really can’t explain it. The man virtually does nothing to catch my attention but he still catches mine.

Damn it CC. You’re so unfair.

Stop being so cute.


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