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Fifth Step: True Understanding


Late night ramblings- true understanding about the simplicity and duplicability of the business.

Tuesday Webinar thoughts. Great points from WFG/WSB’s key leaders:

Carl Meldrum: Give one book a day and change your life. Change your business. Hardwire it in your system and be committed.

Kevin Yuen: Don’t become too complacent. Make sure you paddle when you feel the big wave coming, because by the time you see it, it’s too late.

Get yourself to a belief level wherein you tell yourself that you’re the best of the best. It’s not what you do, it’s HOW you do it.

Reflect your confidence! Get other people infected with your excitement.
Conversion from students to partners to builders.

Aldrin Destacamento: What does this book mean to me? If it means nothing… It will mean nothing to them.

Everyone is a genius. They just need to know a way it speaks to them.

Change your language; let’s talk the language of education. Be clear about your agenda: we are here to educate and help people out.

How many times have you believed in yourself and didn’t trust yourself enough to do it?

How we’re building this new industry is through education.

But every change, every success and even every failure.

It all depends on you. It all starts with you.


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