Career Life

Third Step: Field Training to Success


May 14, 2016. Picture totally irrelevant to current date.

Location: Fort Langley, BC, Canada
Current Location: snuggled in bed reflecting my day yesterday.

It was a very fruitful day.

My confidence and belief in field training and helping other people have been reinforced.

For a long time, I relied on my own limited experience to try and build something rich and dynamic in my business but that in itself was the flaw.

I was too proud: too proud to say that I was struggling, I needed coaching and I absolutely, desperately needed some guidance and direction.

Thankfully, February and March of this year, I’ve put down my pride and asked for help. Even leaders still need coaches to nurture and grow them.

I am glad I finally found the right fit.
I am so excited to learn more about the business and reinforce my beliefs – so I in turn can help other people do the same.

This is the year.
This is my year to change my life in all aspects.


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