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Athlete’s Mindset


May 10, 2016.

Tuesday Coaching NTS: Fight. Fight for yourself, fight for your family, fight for your (future) team and for your destiny.

I’ve given up literally everything these past few years to focus on a business venture I’ve started with my family 4 years ago. Last year, I made a bold move to finish school early, cut all my ties with my little cow (school and employment) and jumped on board…. ( admittedly blindly but with great faith)

When I made my decision, I knew for a fact that I had a bigger vision for my family and I.

I wanted to be somebody special. I want to give my family the best life possible.

I knew that’s what I wanted.

But have I lost that hunger? That kind of hunger that powers through anything – pain, rejection, frustration and depression.

Without the initial fire and passion that once set me on fire to keep me going in my early years, what keeps me going?

Perhaps it’s my weak wishes… and a dangerous thing called complacency.

Over the years… I think I’ve lost my winning mentality and my fighting spirit.

Is it because I am afraid of losing? Is it the fear of the unknown? Fear that I’m not going to make it? Fear of failure?

Fear… it’s always fear.
I always get cold feet thinking about all the other people who have had great success in my career already. I find myself thinking….

Man, they’re so lucky. They’re so good already. They have money already that’s why they can afford do that. They are already this and that that’s why they can do this and that.

Why? Why do I only hear excuses from myself?

Not only that…. Everytime a challenge is brought forward, a wave of doubt shakes my heart. Can I really do it? Can I really make it?
It used to be that I would accept the challenge and do whatever was necessary and within my means to achieve my goal.

April, what happened?
Why have you settled in a place where you yourself have dug? You’re six feet under. And you only keep digging yourself a grave deeper than before.

I know I’m very hesitant now because of all the mistakes I’ve done in the past. These mistakes have been charged to experience – but just like any other business owners, these mistakes really hurt mentally, emotionally and financially. I feel like I’m a wary child who’s been hurt for too long.

I’ve been so bruised, beat up and broken.

But such is the way of an entrepreneur. Such is the way of a person who decides to make their dreams come true.

Challenges and obstacles will come their way, and it totally has in my life right now.

But I think I just have to look at things a little differently.

It’s time to have an athlete’s mindset

They train SO much, every single day just to prepare themselves for a big event. Whether it be a fight, a match or a special battle. Athletes don’t just become good overnight – they put all of their hearts, minds and efforts to all that they do. Every single day, they discipline themselves to win. They do the things they don’t want to do so they can be successful. So when it’s time for game time, they can bring their A-Game.

When it’s game time, they focus – LASER EYE FOCUS – on nothing else but to win.

I can really relate well to this kind of mindset when it comes to business. For entrepreneurs, our daily discipline are our daily habits. It’s the things that we do daily that make of break us. Many times, there’s also a plethora of things we don’t want to do.

Oh. I shouldn’t call because…. maybe they’re busy. Maybe they’re this amd that.

I am absolutely guilty of the nasty affliction of the NEGOTIATED MIND. Let it not sway you. Like an athlete, just keep on going, and just do it.

So when it’s time for the big event… like awards night, you’ll be absolutely happy and fulfilled knowing you did your best at the little things you did daily to get to where you are standing right now.

And even if you fell off the wagon or made a few- or a LOT- of mistakes along the way, you still keep on going anyway.

Tell me, did an athlete ever stop because they messed up or because it was too hard?

Once you’re in it, you’re in it.

One day you’ll see, winning will become a result for the hard work and discipline that you did – and simply not because of luck.

I can make it.
You can make it.
We can make it.


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