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The One Chronicles: Mr. Mower Man

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day!
Second of all: He said hi! 😁

To refresh you, lovely stranger on what you’ve missed…. here are some updates.

FB Update 1:

To the mystery person who always mows our lawn: Thank you for doing what you do! I’m resigned to the fact that you do your wonderful deed in secret at the wee hours of the morning (or evening) for I never see you doing such a crazy, obvious task. But thank you still for being a good person and a good neighbour. I don’t know who you are, but even if I don’t, I want to thank you for being a blessing and making a difference in your own, unique way 😀

FB Update 2:

Mystery Mower Man strikes again! You’ve started this trend about a year ago and I thought that was the end of it, but today you had mercy on our field of (weeds) flowers and took matters in your own hands.
Please show yourself, mystery man. I am already highly intrigued by your peculiar actions.

Seriously… who are you, Mr. Mower Man?

Ever since I moved to my new house in 2013, I was very happy that our lawn was smaller in size.


(Not my actual house  – but just a picture of the neighbourhood in the winter, and a depiction of the size of each house’s individual lawns. As you can see, the lawns of each houses are interconnected. This will be a key fact to know later on in the story and will explain the validity of Mr. Mower Man’s existence)

It all started in summer of 2015 when my lawn was cut without me having to mow it. I initally thought… did my Dad do it? My brothers? But it turns out they never did. It was either I was the only one home – or we were all out.

This mystery person who cuts our lawn was always so secretive – he
.. or she always cut our lawn at times nobody was home.

You know, I am thankful for this person. It’s one less thing I have to do in my every day life but sometimes I wish he or she would pluck our weeds and beautify our back garden too. 😁😂 ….

Yeah. Alright. I’m asking too much from heaven’s blessing.

For a long time my family has been trying to calculate and guess who the mystery mower might be… until one day, my momma bear saw the angel with her own eyes.

“Mr. Mower Man.”

Mr. Mower Man who lives two houses over. Mr. Mower Man who cuts our lawn for free. Mr. Mower Man who probably cuts his lawn and as a friendly gesture, extends this kindness to include our lawn…

But most importantly Mr. Mower Man… you are drop dead gorgeous.

This mystery man has been faithful at cutting our lawn for almost a year now. I see him from time to time, but we never really talked, nor did I ever have a chance to properly thank him.

One day, I did get a chance to say hi to him as I passed by his house and to the driveway where my car was.

Today as I was cleaning and deweeding the front lawn of our house, dressed in the best gardening gear with mud all over it, Mr. Mower Man was outside, walking around my proximity. Sometimes I noticed him, sometimes I didn’t.

And when he walked past me again, I decided to look up from the ground and to this lovely angel.

He smiled, and he said hi. 😊👋

Oh Mr. Mower Man.
Will I ever get to see you again?


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