The One Chronicles

The One Chronicles: J M

May 5, 2016.
An analysis of the previous day.

I still have yet to do a daily (not to mention weekly) analysis on my activities these past few days of May.

Project 30 is off to a good start – but it’s difficult to put numbers on it right from the get go. I’ve fallen off the wagon, discipline wise but I’ll get it back. This week I’ve learned it’s great to do the previous day’s accountability the next morning.
Right now, life is a whirlwind, and playing catch up could potentially hurt my business more than help it.
Maximize your time, April. Maximize your time.

All it takes is a little push to do what you don’t want to do.

My business today was great: I got a chance to get to know one of the local directors quite well. She helped me talked to an older Hispanic lady. Observing her and how things worked, my faith and confidence were restored. My future is starting to look brighter and better.

I really realized… I’m never alone. I can finally work on my strengths, and delegate and learn my weaknesses.

The unification of the directors in my area was probably the best move in my whole career. As an area, we are stronger and better.

Later on that night, I also had a chance to visit my dear friend and her new family. Her daughter was only just a week old…. and she was the most precious thing in the world.

Looking at something so strong yet so fragile, all my worries were wiped away. All I cared about was this little angel in my arms – sleeping, and breathing ever so softly. She was so precious….. I love her already. 😥

But really… on to the more personal and more cheesy aspect of this post….

My friend’s husband, T, casually suggested for me to meet his friend,  J. At this point in my life, I’m an open book, so I didn’t mind it too much.

What really struck me though as I was driving home was this mystery man’s name: J M.

Last time I liked someone, those were his initials too. It didn’t end so well: it was a one sided feeling however… I know for a fact that I’ve told myself before that I’d end up with someone whose name starts with J.

It seems pretty interesting to me that this new character is also J M, and appeared at a time I least expected him to.

At this point however, I’m not going to expect anything, but at least it gives me one more reason out of the million things in my mind that will make me smile before I sleep.

Tell me, J M, could it be?


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