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Second step: Building a Giant

May 03, 2016.

Tuesday Wonderday.

A lot has happened in my career ever since I first started in 2012 – and I think it’s safe to say, “I’ve come a long way.”

I personally love Tuesdays for the nationwide conference call to coach the leadership team. My mentors from all over the country just came back from a retreat – refreshed and rejuvenated. From the looks of it, they were all excited and itching from their seats to share what they had learned in Prague.

One of the leaders mentioned at the beginning of the webinar: you don’t attract the people you want… you attract the people that you are. … You have to move people with EMOTION, and back it up with logic. 

From a building standpoint, Johnny (my furious one sided love for this man is mad), one of the youngest leaders in California made quite a bold statement to everyone – shaking up all pride and ego of having built a solid business foundation.

“You think you’ve built something but then you realize, you haven’t built anything at all.”

How true Johnny. How true.

As more leaders shared about their experiences in Prague (most notably Karen Chin, Karen G, Hannah, Colleen, Sheryl, Brad, Vivian and Victor), I realized how far behind my mindset is. I’m such a small builder. I’m still a little weak.

Sheryl probably captured this thought process quite well:

Sometimes we think we are something we are not.

I have no right to call myself a leading force just yet.

But that won’t dishearten me. With the right people, places and things aligning together… I can only pray and have faith that God will lead me to the right moment where I can finally say I’m going to win for my family.

All the sacrifices that my family has made up until this moment will be worth it.

I know one day I can look back at these days and smile… and tell myself…

I’m glad you made it out, buddy. I’m glad you stuck through. Remember, April: 

The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.
-Romans 8:18


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