Daily Thoughts

Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true. It shouldn’t be a WISH, but rather…. a much stronger emotion than that.


It’s quite interesting what goes on in a human mind at a daily basis. One moment of the day you’re thinking about totally mundane things like snoozing that alarm or what to eat for breakfast; to something as complicated as paying this month’s bills and debts, saving for our future, building emergency fund and somehow managing to still live life with a smile and a surplus in our bank accounts.

Our life’s focus definitely dictates our actions, then our habits, our character and eventually… our destiny.

Are we a product of circumstance?
Or is circumstance a product, or a result of our actions?

Reviewing my journals (ones that haven’t been digitized) of the past few years, I could see how I just focused on what I lacked. What I didn’t have. What I WASN’T good at…

Do you instantly see what’s wrong? I focused on the NOTS. And somehow, I still expected to have a rich, dynamic life! I finally understand what Jim Rohn means by this. Thanks Jim.

Although I religiously and piously wrote down my goals and my visions for my life, it was a whole different mind game inside my head.

It’s definitely taken me a while to realize, but it’s good to see it now in retrospect.

Now I know what direction to travel in so I can achieve my goals. I am a work in progress, but life is beautiful nonetheless.

Instead of focusing on our losses, mistakes and shortcomings, we should nurture our growth and a vision for what we want in life instead.


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