Daily Thoughts

Peace and Affirmation

Thursdays are always something I look forward to every week. It is a day I sharpen my skills so I can improve as a leader, a speaker and as a person.

It also a day I spend outside of my usual hustle and bustle of my career. Thursdays are mostly dedicated to my personal growth, as well as meeting new people and creating new relationships.

This morning, I spent some time with other business owners and we talked about our faith and our careers.


During the Faith Minute, Letters 123 states (excerpt above): idleness breaks the soul… therefore let us not be too complacent, and let our efforts not slacken.

One energetic act is worth a thousand that are listless; and what a lazy man cannot accomplish in many years an energetic man usually achieves in a short time.

It felt like I was stung by a bee as I was listening. It led me to think, what are my habits? Are they helping me achieve my goals? Or are they breaking me? I quickly wrote a NTS to sit down again and see if I consistently maintain my passion and ardor in everything that I do.

Another guest speaker came and he talked about his journey in his career and his faith. Despite our gap in years, I could really feel God affirming me and talking directly to me through that person.

I consider myself a pretty determined person. Perhaps a little too much, that I forget what’s really important and what really matters. Tim, the guest speaker experienced a similar thing. He said,

If you chase the wrong things, you end up doing crazy things.

And these wrong things could be anything, but in Tim’s case, it was chasing after prestige, money and position – not necessarily bad things by the way, but it was the reason he did them for: it was just for the sake of money or fame without any clear purpose that wound him up in a different path that God had planned for him.

Thankfully, Tim took a step back and reevaluated his life. Before, his life had God part of it, now God is the centre of it.

Before, when things didn’t happen the way he wanted it to be, he got frustrated… I’m like that too.
But some things were completely out of his control. With God at the centre of your life, it gives you great peace to know that all you can really do is to give life your best, and God will do the rest.

Instead of following the “I” that you have created for yourself, let’s follow the “who” we were created to be.

It also made me think that it isn’t ever too late to start now. We may have gotten lost a few times in our journey, but it doesn’t matter where you are in life, but what matters most is the direction we’re going to.

So as a personal note to my best-est friend ever, the Lord… thank you for reaffirming my doubts, fears and anxiety. Thank you for bringing peace in my life.

As Jeremiah 29:11 always says…



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