Daily Thoughts

First step: journey to greatness

April 29, 2016.

Started the day a little downtrodden – admittedly, I spent too much time in bed than I should have. But you know what they say, it’s never too late to start anew. We have 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours and 365 days to get back on track.

Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that I conquered this day with a bang.

I’m still figuring out the perfect morning routine that works for me and my business, but what really stuck with me these past few weeks are a good book, a cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast.

In any endeavour, having the proper mindset is so important. That’s why I’m a firm believer that mornings should truly be dedicated towards preparing your mind, your soul and your body for what’s to come.

I am proud to say that I am making progress. Life is starting to make a little bit more sense and the fog in front of me is starting to clear up.

I’m establishing a solid morning routine that preps my mind and a solid foundation to survive the rest of my business day. I’m learning when to listen to my body. When it needs rest, it needs rest. Rejuvenation is key for a productive, happy life.

Business wise, I’m also developing habits to ensure a smooth running of our systems. It’s far from perfect, but reflecting on my experiences in the past as well as valuable information from various books have helped me tremendously to move forward. Few things I can improve on would probably be to establish more frequent planning (apart from yearly – incorporate monthly, weekly and daily) and accountability. But take a deep breath child, and go with the flow. Do not hesitate so much. Be flexible. Follow the system. Work hard. Work smart… the results will follow.

I truly believe something big is going to happen this year: the alignment of the leadership and a surge of great attitude from the team members.

We can make it happen. I can be financially independent.

I don’t have to worry waking up one day not having enough. I don’t have to worry about my parents struggling. It will happen… with great, absolute faith and certainty.

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Eric Thomas say:

You’re not going to give up until you make your dreams come true.

Daily Thoughts

Peace and Affirmation

Thursdays are always something I look forward to every week. It is a day I sharpen my skills so I can improve as a leader, a speaker and as a person.

It also a day I spend outside of my usual hustle and bustle of my career. Thursdays are mostly dedicated to my personal growth, as well as meeting new people and creating new relationships.

This morning, I spent some time with other business owners and we talked about our faith and our careers.


During the Faith Minute, Letters 123 states (excerpt above): idleness breaks the soul… therefore let us not be too complacent, and let our efforts not slacken.

One energetic act is worth a thousand that are listless; and what a lazy man cannot accomplish in many years an energetic man usually achieves in a short time.

It felt like I was stung by a bee as I was listening. It led me to think, what are my habits? Are they helping me achieve my goals? Or are they breaking me? I quickly wrote a NTS to sit down again and see if I consistently maintain my passion and ardor in everything that I do.

Another guest speaker came and he talked about his journey in his career and his faith. Despite our gap in years, I could really feel God affirming me and talking directly to me through that person.

I consider myself a pretty determined person. Perhaps a little too much, that I forget what’s really important and what really matters. Tim, the guest speaker experienced a similar thing. He said,

If you chase the wrong things, you end up doing crazy things.

And these wrong things could be anything, but in Tim’s case, it was chasing after prestige, money and position – not necessarily bad things by the way, but it was the reason he did them for: it was just for the sake of money or fame without any clear purpose that wound him up in a different path that God had planned for him.

Thankfully, Tim took a step back and reevaluated his life. Before, his life had God part of it, now God is the centre of it.

Before, when things didn’t happen the way he wanted it to be, he got frustrated… I’m like that too.
But some things were completely out of his control. With God at the centre of your life, it gives you great peace to know that all you can really do is to give life your best, and God will do the rest.

Instead of following the “I” that you have created for yourself, let’s follow the “who” we were created to be.

It also made me think that it isn’t ever too late to start now. We may have gotten lost a few times in our journey, but it doesn’t matter where you are in life, but what matters most is the direction we’re going to.

So as a personal note to my best-est friend ever, the Lord… thank you for reaffirming my doubts, fears and anxiety. Thank you for bringing peace in my life.

As Jeremiah 29:11 always says…


Career Life


I can’t help but shake off the feeling that I did something extremely bad.

I’m not a criminal (thankfully) so I’m not all too used to the feeling of hurting someone. By hurting someone, what I mean is that I feel that I’ve betrayed them. I’ve disappointed them. I’ve let them down.

To whoever is reading this wonderful blog, you may have read the previous post, the confrontation. In that scenario, I had to get out and move on to another office (career wise) to grow and become more developed, but because I was the spearhead leader and manager in that office, and I’ve only stayed there for 6 months instead of a year, my other colleagues felt hurt from my move.

And it wasn’t even necessarily the contract that mattered, but it was because I wanted to lead that office but now that an undeniable opportunity presented in another area, I knew I had to make a decision: to stay in my current position and office and become a slave – run everything, become admin, secretary, planner, speaker, presentor and trainer or move to a bigger arena and have those other tasks delegated and become a student again myself.

The decision was clear to me. I had to move to the bigger arena. It is the only way for me to keep my sanity and prevent myself from being burnt-out.

I know the mistake lies on our team. We shouldn’t have volunteered to become the spearhead leaders in my current office without fully knowing the consequences. We should’ve listened to our higher leaders and our mentors but pride got in our way.

The school of hard knocks really hurt. And because we’ve done this rather dick move to my current colleagues, my team and I are fully prepared to have others do this to us too. But as I reflected on this event again and again, I have been thinking about helping others grow in their respective businesses for four years now. Admittedly, I have forgotten to help and even feed myself. For far too long, I’ve sacrificed my own personal growth so others can grow but now I’ve paid the price.

I’m not being selfish – I just want to survive. I want to help myself first so I can properly help others next time.

It’s time to really take this thing seriously and really put our determination and will to work. This sacrifice and bold move my team has made… we have to make something happen. This hurt has got to be worth something big. Growing pains: it’s all part of life and growth for us to change for the better.

There’s no more playing games. It’s game time. Battle time.

Career Life

The Confrontation

March 26, 2016.

A lovely Tuesday that unfolded to be just like any other Tuesday… except it closed out with a twist. It was just like any other day at my career: meetings, client reviews, phone calls and all the other good stuff. I swear: I’m more passionate about my business and my career but today the focus isn’t about that. It’s what was going to happen later on that Tuesday night that really unnerved me.

My team and I had been thinking and planning for a long time to make a shift. I have been involved as a financial professional part time for three and a half years and full time now for half a year. Being an educator totally changed my life and it’s a decision that I don’t regret.

But standing where I am now, I’ve achieved some success, but mostly more failures. I left my original mentors and leaders too early. I had too much pride. I really thought I understood the systems and procedures of the business – but I didn’t. What ended up happening in the past three years in my career turned out to be mostly growing pains that really shouldn’t have happened. As a leader, I feel responsible for all of this. But what can I do? I am only human. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

However, I know it’s not too late to change. It’s not too late to make a shift in my business.

The team has made a lot of mistakes in the past but now I realize, it’s time to make a move.

But this move hurt. It hurt me a lot, and I know it hurt them too. I know that for sure during our discussion at the confrontation. Being the spearhead leader in that office, I know my absence will fully decapitate that center. But I am not in a position where I can sustain running everything – admin, planner, scheduler, speaker and presenter.
My field training suffers. My possibility for growth is stunted.
You know what they say: put your oxygen mask first before putting it on others. So I have to move. I have to change. But in order to that, I have to make a decision.

I have to leave.

The confrontation tonight made me want to scream and cry and pull out my hair – but I had to be stronger than that.

I have to stand by my decision to move to a small bowl to a bigger bowl – a bigger playing arena, so I can develop to all that I need to be.

Daily Thoughts


Before anyone gets offended from the title, I believe that everyone is a genius. You are a genius. I am a genius. We all are.

This will be a mish mash blog that will record the deepest recesses of my mind translated to (digital) paper to alleviate my mind.

I have tried to formally create a blog – but to no avail, for I lacked the most valuable and incredible resource for me to upkeep that digital haven: time.

Therefore, I have resorted to go outside the box and to stop myself from being restricted from the walls of all blog posts being themed and with a purpose. I am tired of that. I want to set my mind free and write to my heart’s content.

Thus my friends, to whoever is reading this, may your eyes be blessed.